Beach Ambassadors

Beach Ambassadors2017-06-19T08:13:21-04:00

No set schedules, no set times…you share the information when YOU want to go to the beach!

As an ambassador at the beach, share information with dog owners about FJB, our mission (for 23 years) to keep Jupiter beach clean and dog-friendly, the dog bags we provide FREE to visitors, our monthly beach cleanups, dog beach etiquette AND ask them for their e-mail address to receive our newsletter and announcements.

Here’s how you can get started:

* Contact Karen Gray at 561-748-8140 or by using the Contact Form on this website with the subject line “I want to be a Beach Ambassador”.

* Receive FJB t-shirt, clip board and handouts for a $10 donation.

* When you go to the beach, wear your t-shirt or name badge.  Talk to as many dog owners as possible.  You’ll find that the majority already know and support FJB!

* Interactions always POSITIVE!  If you witness unacceptable/dangerous behavior, call the Jupiter Police Department non-emergency line:  746-6201 Do not take matters into your own hands.  We never ask for donations.

* Support is always there for you!  For details, email

ONLY VOLUNTEERS LIKE YOU will keep Jupiter Beach a clean, dog-friendly, safe and courteous place for dogs to bring their human friends.