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Friends of Jupiter Beach is a grassroots, volunteer-driven not-for-profit group dedicated to keeping a special section of Jupiter Beach clean & dog-friendly in northern Palm Beach County.

In 1994, the threat of closing the beach to dogs rallied a small group of concerned citizens, who mobilized quickly and began organizing beach cleanups and providing dog waste bags at beach crossovers. Since then, the growth of the group has exploded, as individuals and businesses rally to join an effort which repeatedly demonstrates care for their marine environment and the privilege of taking our four-footed friends to one of the last dog beaches in the area.

The story of Friends of Jupiter Beach  (FJB) begins with one woman, the late Anita Lankler, who led the charge to inspire our entire community to be good stewards of our environment, to work together to preserve a space for dog-lovers and non-dog lovers to enjoy harmoniously.  For nine years, from 1994 to the time of her death in 2003, Anita worked tirelessly to establish a strong foundation for FJB to be able to deliver on the promise to Town of Jupiter officials: we’ll clean the beach and more in exchange for leaving the historically dog-friendly beach intact.  Today, we organize twelve giant beach cleanups, always on the first Saturday of the month, attracting volunteers & sponsors from thoughout the county.  We pay for, build and maintain the dog bag box stations at beach crossovers, refilling them weekly with sanitary dog bags.  We continually remind beach visitors to pick up! leash up! and use best beach etiquette.  We work closely with Town of Jupiter officials, Jupiter Police Department and Palm Beach County.  We respect and promote the work of our like-minded conservation organizations and those with whom we share the beach.  We communicate regularly with our members and believe we are inspiring new generations to be stewards of the earth by instilling good volunteer and trash pick up habits.  We do all of this with no financial support from governmental agencies; we rely on the support of volunteers, donors and sponsors.  We’re nineteen years young and dedicated to keeping Anita’s mission alive:  to keep Jupiter Beach clean & dog-friendly with emphasis on volunteerism and education.  We invite you to join us!

Friends of Jupiter Beach By The Numbers:

  • 12 – monthly beach cleanups drawing an average of 200 volunteers per month
  • 29 – dog bag boxes along a 2 1/2 mile stretch of beach, refilled continuously
  • 490 – the average number of pounds of garbage removed the beach at each monthly cleanup
  • 5,000 – Friends, members and sponsors
  • 400,000 – sanitary dog bags dispensed for FREE usage by beach visitors

#1 – GOAL, to remind all beach visitors to do all in their power to help us keep this beach clean and dog-friendly for decades to come