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Jupiter Dog Beach

Welcome to Jupiter in North Palm Beach County, where B.O.W.’s (Behaved, Obedient, Well-socialized dogs) and their conscientious owners are welcome on a 2 ½ mile stretch of glorious beach!

The dog beach starts at Beach Marker #25 (Marcinski Road) and proceeds north to Beach Marker #60.  Dogs are not allowed south of #25 in Juno Beach towards the pier. Additionally, crossover #43 is handicap accessible!

Friends of Jupiter Beach (FJB) is dedicated to keeping the beach clean & dog-friendly by promoting the rules of the beach & continuous beach cleanup activities.

Thank you for helping to preserve this rare privilege by picking up after pets, keeping dogs under control, removing trash & supporting our efforts to maintain this treasure for decades to come. Home page photograph by Frosty Parish.

Having dogs on the beach is a privilege, not a right.  Please help us keep the current Town of Jupiter Policy in effect by following these common sense rules.

  • Keep dogs on leash or under control, supervised at all times; always leash up from the car to the beach, around small children, at the water fountains & at crossovers.
  • While off-leash, let dogs run in uncrowded areas, giving no one reason to complain.
  • Don’t let dogs invade the space of or bathroom near other people or dogs uninvited.
  • Clean up after dogs with FJB dog bags, provided at every beach crossover, or bring your own bags.
  • Don’t bury poop or throw it in the dunes or water.  ‘Go’ at home before beach time.
  • Bring dogs to the beach early or late.  Less hot, less crowded.
  • Dogs are not allowed in lifeguarded areas or Town of Jupiter parks.  Respect any “no dogs allowed” signs.
  • Please don’t litter.  If you bring it to the beach, take it home from the beach.
    It is in your interest to take this very seriously for the sake of “your best friend”. Please honor these rules. This is one of the last remaining & best dog beaches. If humans do not respect others, dogs won’t have a beach to enjoy. 

We are very fortunate here in Jupiter to have a Town Council and Beach Committee that support the concept of dogs on the beach. Help us preserve this privilege. Please use the free dog bags provided by Friends of Jupiter Beach, at 29 dune crossovers, and always use best beach etiquette. FJB volunteer efforts have kept Jupiter Beach clean and dog-friendly for 25+ years!  Join us!  Support us!

Report vandalism and dangerous activity: Jupiter Police Department non-emergency phone line:  561 – 746 – 6201. Save this in your cell phone! In case of emergency, call 911.

Friends of Jupiter Beach PO Box 791 Jupiter, FL 33468 – 561-748-8140